Christmas message 2021

Just when we were beginning to believe that the worst was over we hear that a new strain of Covid is marching on. I feel like a soldier in a bunker who has dared to surface only to find the enemy is nearby and ready to resume battle. That image brought me to thoughts of the reality of a war.
It is a war and we celebrate those who have fought in battle, not because of the nobility of war, I’m not sold on that concept, but because the courage of the combatants is worth praising.
But who are the combatants? Well, it is all of us in a sense, but there are those who have battled relentlessly in the hospitals all over the country and indeed the world. They are the heroes of this battle. If you are not one of those people and you feel worn out, just imagine how doctors, nurses and the rest of the hospital personnel feel.
Christmas is a time of hope and renewal. Let’s lift ourselves and each other knowing that the progress made with vaccines and treatments has saved us from the even greater consequences that would have manifested itself beyond the 800,000 already lost.

May we all have the best possible Christmas.

LIMBA staff and Board of Directors

Thanksgiving Day message 2021

Let’s be thankful for is the ability to forgive and forget the misgivings we have with others. We worry too much about the conversations at Thanksgiving dinners that may go off the rails. Forget all that. Your brother-in-law’s opinion is as ridiculous to you as his is to yours. What ever is going on in the world is not going to be resolved at your dinner table. More than that. It is not enjoyable conversation.

The subject of dinners at my house never solved a problem and never will. They have, however made people laugh at themselves or at stories told or impromptu songs that were sung. In other words, we came into the room to enjoy each other’s company. No one at the table is influential enough to change the world.

We are, on the other hand capable of changing ourselves and we do it all the time. As we mature, we often transition from self interest to family interest or community interest. But none of that is done at a family gathering. It is done in the solitude of a walk in the woods or while fishing by a stream when we are all alone. If you say you need a project to work on, I get it. The project is us. It is always us, the individual.

At dinner this holiday I hope we all can laugh. Laugh at ourselves and each other. A few years ago, I had a dinner party where we all were telling stories and jokes. One of my guests was a college president and he took his turn at telling a joke. He screwed it up so bad that his mis telling of the joke was funnier than the joke could ever have been.
This Thanksgiving let’s make the goal be, having a good time with each other.

On behalf of myself, our staff and our Board of Directors we wish you a
Happy Thanksgiving

Ernie Fazio