2020 Refocus

LIMBA Goals in the Past and Outlook for 2020

What We have Been Doing

The future is truly unknowable, but our planning is what we control. We move forward and try to make a difference. At LIMBA we begin by keeping informed. We produce programs that contain useful information on relevant topics

Here is what we are thinking about as we embark on the next 12 months

The environment

This is a very big topic. We had Dr. Tanecredi speak on the protection of the vital animal life, specifically the horseshoe crab and we were informed about its medical uses. We also had a discussion on the water quality of the surrounding bays
On another occasion we Had Suffolk County Water Authority Chairman Pat Halpin give us an overview of the drinking water and what we are constantly learning about maintaining the high quality water we demand

Recreations & Facilities

We are blessed with many great beaches and parks last year we had the superintendent of the Fire Island National Seashore Alexy Romero tell us more about this wonderful resource and what we need to do to protect it. From the State Parks of Long Island we had Director George Hoffman speak on the availability of parks and the state of repair


Rails LIMBA has been a supporter of improvements on the Long Island Rail Road and in fact we were instrument in the electrification of the Ronkonkoma line. We are now supporting the electrification of the Port Jefferson line

Airport at MacArthur

This regional airport has been recognized by LIMBA as being essential to the economic health of this Long Island area- Years ago we created a plan under the leadership of Paul Townsend of Long Island Business News and Dick Dunne of Grumman called “USE IT OR LOSE IT” It worked and we have to revisit that old strategy

Maglev Train System

We have been promoting the MAGLEV and we have been inquiring about the viability of a demonstration project that would run a single car on a single track from Ronkokoma to Greenport every 40 minutes making 4 stops and maintain an average speed of 160 miles per hour

We will be asking members who would like to volunteer on any project to let us know. It will be interesting!

Ernie Fazio , Bill Miller, Marguerite Moore, and Ken Nevor

A Mitzvah for Christmas Christmas 2019

A Christmas Remembered- A Mitzvah for Christmas

When I was a teenager Butch and Frankie were my closest friends. They lived on the next street right behind my house. For about four Christmas’s the three of us would set up a tree selling lot. Butch’s uncle was a truck driver and would often be in Wallabout Market in the Bronx. Each year he would pick bundles of Christmas trees for us to sell.

Bill Steck had a candy store on the avenue across the street from the Long Island Railroad. Bill allowed us to run an extension cord to the adjacent lot so we could be there at night all lit up for business. We had an oil drum with the top cut out so we could have a fire to keep us warm.

We bought the trees for $5 per bundle, there were 5 trees in each bundle.There was usually one great looking tree which we could get $5. The remaining trees were less perfect but that is where we made our profit. If a tree was a “Charlie Brown” loser we’d cut off the branches and make wreaths

In the early afternoon on December 24th a man named Eddie from the other side of the tracks came looking for a tree. He looked for a while and quietly slipped away. Eddie had 4 children and he did not want to disappoint them by not having a tree.

We were all poor in that neighborhood but Eddie was a little more poor than most of us. He walked by our lot looking wistful and sure he was out of luck. He didn’t even stop.

“Hey Eddie. Come back in an hour we’ll have a tree for you” I shouted”Ok but I don’t have much money” “Don’t worry”

Butch and Frankie looked at me and asked what I had in mind.”We’ll build him a tree”

We got out the hand drill and started drilling holes in the stem of this pathetic looking tree. We had plenty of branches left over from our wreath making and when we stuffed that stem full of branches it was a great looking tree.When Eddie returned we brought forth the tree.”What do you think?””Looks great. How much?”How much ya got?”I only have 75 cents”


Eddie gave the money to Frankie. Frankie pressed the money back into Eddie’s hand and wished him a Merry ChristmasAt that point Eddie hurried home with his tree.

About a week after Christmas we saw Eddie on the streetI asked “How did the kids like the tree””Oh they thought it was great, but few days later the tree dried out and all the branches and the ornament wound up on the floor but it was great on Christmas morning, Thanks guys”

Ernie Fazio