The Significance Of Black History Month

I never thought much about that very specific body of knowledge. This is an important and significant segment of our population.

When programs about Black History started I was curious and began to listen. What I learned is that the black history is very rich and varied. In terms of music, science, art and literature It is at least as rich as any ethnic group that ever set foot on this continent. When you consider that the black presence goes back four hundred years, it stands to reason that their story is so interwoven with the entire American experience.

But that is only half the story. There is an equal benefit to the rest of America. It is incumbent on all of us to know our own heritage as well as the story of the many other ethic contributors. Knowledge of each other is important if we are ever going to respect each other.

We all owe a great debt to each culture that made us the intellectually and culturally powerhouse that is America.

Black history is important to the self image of our black brothers and sisters. It is a story that gives them a firm footing to participate in the politics and economy of this great country
But part of their gift to America accrues to the rest of us. Let us rejoice in recognizing black America and thank them.

Ernie Fazio