2004 Memorial Day Message

Post Memorial Day Thoughts

I watched the annual Memorial Day Ceremony from Washington DC on television and was touched by the beautiful presentations that were offered by singers, musicians, and story tellers. Memorial Day is recognition of a sad outcome of war. The price, of course, was many dead, the physically wounded and the nightmarish memories of the many who escaped death and disability.

The Greatest Generation and the leaders that prevailed during and after WWII created a world that was less than perfect but relatively peaceful for these intervening years. The institutions that were created were instrumental in keeping the world order. We can legitimately criticize them but more often than not they served their purpose. They are the United Nations, NATO, the International Court, the Peace Corp, and other institutions.

In recognizing our very worthy heroes, let us keep in mind the objectives of their great service is to preclude the need to create more of them.

Ernie Fazio