2024 MLK Day Message

When writing about Martin Luther King Jr. I stress the virtues of his wisdom, foresight, and

All of which he possessed in abundance. However, the equally important contributions he made
to the people he led and the country that he loved were for the betterment of all of us.
The idea of equality is dignity and social justice, but it is more than that it is also economic
growth. Economic growth is a benefit to the black people of this country, but it is also a benefit to
all people regardless of race. The reason I say that is because the market for goods and
services is expanded by the fact that more of our citizens have the means to access the
services and material things that we value.

If I am a builder and a higher percentage of the population can buy luxury housing, I am selling,
I am in a better position. If I am a life insurance salesman my market is increased.
The enhanced conditions of the black citizens have improved many lives, including those that
have resisted change. We are a better country because of the movement that was central to
MLK’s being in terms of morality and wealth.

We thank him for that