Memorial Day Message 2021

I must admit that Memorial Day was not a day of deep appreciation for the fallen military that served this country, at least not for me. It was instead a celebration of the unofficial beginning of summer. I feel no guilt for my youthful approach to this once solemn holiday, but as I have grown older, I have a deeper appreciation of the many people who have served.
I do regret deeply that not all those wars were in preservation of our country, but be that as it may, those who served were patriots of a great nation.
This Memorial Day let us not judge the past too harshly as we look around and see the harbingers of spring. The birds and green growth remind us that the world we live in is constantly renewing itself even as it is evolving. Some of what we see is not pleasing to us, but we have the power to change what we see and fear. Just as the earth is fertile and supportive of new life, our minds are fertile with new ideas which in turn guide us through the times of doubt. Let this metaphor of renewal be a comfort to all of us who want to make this world we live in, a better place.
Now that we can safely hug our children, our spouse, our grandchildren and all the other important people in our lives let us do that. Enjoy this day and celebrate.

Ernie Fazio