Memorial Day 2022

This day of recognition and sacrifice cannot be confined to the those that have served and died while serving in the military. There are many more that did not die but suffered the disabilities effecting mental health and lifelong physical pain.

We are surrounded by people who serve with bravery, and commitment. The obvious examples are police and fire fighters, but in truth there are many others whose memories we may want to honor for their valor. Included in the pantheon of other heroes are teachers, especially those teachers who have suffered and survived the tragedies we have seen lately.

There is an ever growing list of journalists that have serve in dangerous places, and sadly many have perished while in their passionate pursuit of the truth. And then there are the doctors that serve by helping victims of natural disasters and in war zones.

These above-mentioned people are among those that we should also honor today. Without our everyday heroes we would be poorer indeed. We salute them all.

This is a serious holiday, but it is also a time that we celebrate with our families. Enjoy your Memorial Day!