Essay on Energy

The prospect of having to deal with the most obnoxious regimes in the world is repugnant to all of us. On the other hand, we still need fossil fuels. The dilemma is where do we get them while we still need them. Bear in mind that this would be a moot point if we followed the roadmap set out by Jimmy Carter more than 40 years ago. We go through these “feast or famine” episodes with fossil fuels from time to time and that has to stop.

When Pearl Harbor was bombed this country transformed itself into a war machine that the world had never before seen. Japanese Admiral, Yamamoto was right when he said, “We have awakened the sleeping giant.”

Today we need to be awakened again. There are two enemies we need to fight. The first enemy is Climate Change, the other is being held hostage by some of the most hostile regimes on the planet.

We need an unmitigated effort to remove the strangle hold that bad actors have on America. Countries like the murderous Saudi Arabia, Iran, Russia, and Venezuela need to be made irrelevant. If we continue to put our fate in the hands of these countries, we will continue to be in a vulnerable position.

What is need is a massive effort that is equivalent to the “Manhattan Project.” This program will delve into every idea that has ever been considered. A program of this sort could help us refine existing technologies like solar and wind and implement them on a national scale to make them more efficient and more affordable. And, it could research and develop theoretical technologies including:

  • Small, modern nuclear power
  • Hot Rock Geothermal that mines and creates super-heated steam generation from the earth’s crust.
  • Ocean wave generation (This method is presently in use in Nova Scotia)
  • Liquid Hydrogen proposed by using surplus wind generation
  • River current generators
  • Space mounted solar panels that beam power back to earth by low power microwave and deliver power constantly day and night through rain and clouds. (See StarTram)

Deep commitment to research and development will get us to a place when fossil fuels are less, if not unneeded. (Think of whale oil) At the beginning of space exploration, we could probably name a handful of possible developments that could come out of space technology. As we progressed through the years, we developed hundreds of innovations that serve us every day. The need to develop more sophisticated computers, weather satellites, navigation satellites, communications systems that could only have been imagined, to name a few came out of the space program. The future is rich with possibilities.

With a very ambitious energy program we defeat the twin nemesis of global climate change and neutralizing hoodlum regimes that sell the world oil.