Thanksgiving Message 2022

Whenever you read the news, you realize that the world suffers. This is nothing new. It has been going on for as long as I have been alive and of course throughout the history of the world. While this true, I like to recall the words of Dr Martin Luther King when he said “The arc of history bends toward justice”
We the people have become the quiet soldiers in this march to a better country and a better world. It does feel like we lose our way from time to time, we also replant our collective feet and move forward again.

This Thanksgiving we will be dining with the people we care most about. We may also have been financially able to spare a little of our resources to people in need. That spirit of giving seems to be a common trait among our citizens and it serves those in need, but it does so much for us. The joy of the season is about the connection we have with the rest of the people we see every day.

And those political arguments that we sometime worry about. I have a remedy for that too. When your uncle Charlie starts spouting off in an obnoxious tirade on politics. Here is what you tell him. “Will you please pass the sweet potatoes, They look delicious and can I get you another glass of cider? And by the way, that’s a great looking sweater. Is it new?

On behalf of myself, our staff and our Board of Directors we wish you a

Happy Thanksgiving