Thanksgiving message 2020

Thanksgiving is very different this year. I have lost two friends that I know about and that is distressing, but we should not forget that even this year has its up-side.Our people are anticipating an end of a scourge that has been as concerning as anything I can remember in my lifetime. This pandemic has made me more aware of how much we miss our families, associates, and friends when we cannot interact with them as freely as we used to.

The concerted effort to create an effective vaccine has produced several workable alternative vaccines. The fact that we have several manufacturers probably means that a ready supply will be available sooner than we originally expected. We are thankful to the science that is making this happen.

We are thankful to the thousands of medical people who risk their own lives every day, and that army of unsung heroes that bring food to market, drive our buses, and trains, the police and firefighters who must always be there for the rest of us.

There are also other things we should be happy about. We just elected a president where 153 million people voted. That amount of participation never happened before. We should rejoice that so many of our citizens thought that making our voices heard was important and we are thankful to them all, regardless of how they voted.

I started by saying that Thanksgiving is different this year. It is, but it is not bleak. I think we are a little like the soldier returning from the war. We want to get busy making things better. We are glad to be able to envision a new day.
Happy Thanksgiving

From all of us at LIMBA