LIMBA Endorses New Gas Supply Across LI Sound

May 5, 2002

At a crowded meeting of Long Island Midsuffolk Business Action, support for a new gas pipeline across the sound was endorsed unanimously by voice vote. According to LIMBA chairman Ernie Fazio, Long Island needs diversification of energy supplies.

Fazio, a long time advocate of solar, wind and fuel cells, says “we most recognize that conventional central power plants will be part of the matrix of power generation for a long time to come. Even when a substantial percentage of our power is produced by clean alternatives, the need for central power will not be totally displaced, and that central power plants must have the cleanest fossil fuel available, which is natural gas.”

In the resolution to support the building of a new gas pipeline no preference for any one company was expressed, and that any energy company that could build the pipeline would have the support of LIMBA. The meeting was held at the MacArthur Airport Holiday Inn in Ronkonkoma.