Christmas 2011

Musings on Christmas

I recently recorded Christmas songs, along with winter songs.. It’s an old selection of music that has various origin or context. "I’m dreaming of a White Christmas," and "I’ll be Home for Christmas" were both products of the WWII era.


I’m trying to get into the mind of man in a foxhole writing home between bouts of gunfire. In Song, he is telling his family he’ll be home for Christmas when in reality he’d be happy to still be alive by the next morning. I never thought of these songs as having heroic content. In fact I never gave it any thought at all, but placing your mind back in the songs genesis and imagining the hopes and fears of one soldier can be, and should be an emotional experience.


As I connect with musical people I realize they live in an interesting and challenging environment. What musicians bring to our lives is enormously important, and what they bring to Christmas is… Well, let’s just say Christmas IS music. I can’t grasp the sense of what it would feel like without music.


Another musing on Christmas is the love and generosity displayed. Not so much manifested in the expensive gifts, but more in the enjoyment of the company of family and friends.


Before I go, beyond the religious significance I say to all, when someone wishes you a merry Christmas interpret that as “I wish you peace”

Merry Christmas

Ernie Fazio