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LIMBA Round table Discussion

March 30, 2012 @ 12:00 am EDT


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We had a "Round Table discussion this morning and the purpose was to see what we could do to advance some ideas we are supporting.


One of the projects we believe is a good idea is the Hub at Ronkonkoma. That project can happen but sewer infrastructure needs to be planned. According to Bob Bender the existing plant’s capacity could be increased by employing some bio-tech solutions. Bob will be making a presentation to the Suffolk legislature to explain the technology. Bob can be reached for comment or assistance r_bender@msn.com  


Dan Tomaszewski spoke about volunteerism. His experience is with the schools and he has suggested a closer relationship with students and staff at the high school level. Dan will be thinking of ways that LIMBA can be helpful. Getting the education system working in concert with the business community is the goal. He can be contacted  dantski@optonline.net


LIMBA has had presentations from the Port Authority in the past. Now that Pat Foye in a leadership position we thought that he may make himself available since some of us know him quite well. I will be working with Mike Cooney on that, and mike Cooney will invite United Way Director Theresa Regnante to speak on several aspects of United Ways efforts including an outreach to returning military.  mcooney@unitedwayli.org 


Energy sources were also a topic of discussion. Alternative energy needs to be developed even while the cost is still higher than fossil fuels. The reliability factor needs to be considered. Encouraging municipalities to move forward on alternate energy creates a large market. When manufacturers have a steady and increasing stream of new business, better and less expensive alternative energy will emerge. Tim Harris has expressed an interest in bringing to the organization his experience on that topic.  Tim.harris@lipangrid.com     


We have expertise in our midst and we should be tap into it as much as we can.


Next week we will be celebrating Passover and Good Friday so there will be no meeting the week after April 13th County legislator, Kate Browning will be addressing LIMBA. We look forward to hearing from her

Enjoy the holiday