Long Island MacArthur Airport
LIMBA has recommitted its resource of public awareness to one of the core objectives that we adopted many years ago. That objective is to keep Long Island MacArthur Airport viable. The people of this region once had a very useable facility at Islip but the participation of various airlines has eroded.Among the first things that can be done are:

  • Signs at Ronkonkoma station must indicate that the station serves the airport. This will serve as constant reminder to the public that airport is there.
  • A new terminal building must be built adjacent to the LIRR station. The current building can be re-purposed or used by passengers parking on the south side of the airport.
  • The airport needs more choices of destinations.
  • NYC airports are operating at, or near capacity, and they are inconvenient to access.
  • Our airport can relieve that pressure while giving our citizens a more pleasant travel experience

New Ferry systems to Connecticut (Shoreham to New Haven) “Homeland Security Access to Long Island”

Gerry Fitzpatrick, Chair of Ferry Technology Committee

A 3rd track on the LIRR mainline to accommodate freight and reverse commute.

John Howell, Chair of Rail Transportation Committee

The “East End Reliever,” a combined rail and express highway on present LIRR right-of-way



We must pursue the energy systems that most effectively produce the power we need at the least cost to the environment. The advent of solar and wind generation is upon us and we owe it to future generations to implement the use of those sources a soon as possible. The development of high volume, utility grade storage capacity will at first limit the use of those non-polluting sources of power. However that is where the focus should be. Fortunately that research is being done at Brookhaven National Laboratory and by commercial entities such as Tesla. In the meantime we will still need the continued use of low polluting, gas-fired generation such as we have in the present Caithness power plant.



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Ernest Fazio LIMBA President