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Lee Zeldin

July 25, 2014 @ 12:00 am EDT


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This morning our speaker was Lee Zeldin. Mr.Zeldin is the Republican candidate that is running for congress in the 1st congressional district  The candidate is impressive as a person when you consider  his education and his military service.

He spoke about his participation in the repeal of the MTA tax that LIMBA championed. He noted his great displeasure with the so-called Common Core agenda. Neither of these issues are that controversial with most of Long island voters. He alleged that his opponent, Mr. Bishop, was out of touch with his electorate, and not a moderate. All of this went over very well with this mostly Republican audience.

When it came to the Q&A of the program he was less sure of himself.  When he was asked if he would take a bold stand against the party as last month’s speaker , Peter King ,did when he blasted them for    blocking   Sandy funds, he was evasive. However he did state that, at times he differed with the party on a state level in his role as a state senator.

When asked to explain why the congress has done nothing on infrastructure, immigration, basic research funding, and a farm bill, and what he would do to make things better. his answers were not fully developed.  I don’t think that being vague should be held against him because nobody in Washington has been leading the way.  Did he make his case that he could do a better job than the incumbent?  He made a case that he is a decent human being, but that’s not the point, we knew that.

I told Lee as he was leaving that I would like to see him promote a long time LIMBA  goal of building a Maglev train on Long Island. Supporting such an industry would provide a minimum of 20,000 high paid jobs on Long Island and 20 million jobs nationwide. In the end it’s about creating a better country, he agreed. I also told him that if he did prevail that LIMBA would always be there for him as an avenue to speak to the voters.

Ernie Fazio

I want to thank my partner Bill miller, Michelle Zere for making this meeting truly successful, Annette Krause, Ken Nevor , Roger Ulanoff, Zee Morrissy Joe Ogno and Peter Vannucci

Patriotic Music was provided by The New Millennium Jazz Band

Colors were presented by the Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts represented by Kyle, Tyler, Hunter, and Chase Zere

Our Sponsor was the Atlantic Agency represented by Maddy Leibowitz