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Dr. Matthew C. Cordaro, Dean, Townsend Bus. Dowling College

August 7, 2009 @ 12:00 am EDT


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Matt Cordaro has been known to the audience at LIMBA for as long anybody who attends can remember. Dr. Cordaro has assumed many roles in his life, and as the case with many talented and well educated people he keeps getting asked to do more. After many years as a high level power utility executive he went into the acedemic arena, taking a position at the CW Post campus of LIU where he created The Center for Management Analysis.

Recently he embarked on a new role as Dean of the Townsend School of Business at Dowling College. Each leader brings to a job a vision of what can and should be done. This morning Matt shared his thoughts with the LIMBA audience

The school has specialty programs in business encompassing healthcare, corporate finance, construction management and other business specialties. These disciplines benefit by having practioners of those specialties teaching in those courses. According to Cordaro, that is not always the case at other schools, but it is at Dowling.

There are  benefits of an intimate learning experience to students because they are comfortable in their environment.  Dowling according to Matt provides that environment.

The school also has distance learning programs, and accelerated courses. There are discounted programs that are partially supported by the area corporations. The school is also financially advantageous to the students with the cost of education being very competitive.

The business school is planning a trading center where students can learn how Wall Street works.  Matt will preside over that function, having created one at LIU. As far as exporing the contoversial, Dowling has been doing that over the years, Cordaro plans to continue in that tradition, especially as it pertains to his expertise  in the energy generation and distribution field. He will continue to write, and comment on those issues, in conjunction with the corriculum.