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Dr Andaz, Nassau County Medical Center (Hilton Gardens)

June 15, 2007 @ 12:00 am EDT


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Dr Andaz an oncologist from South Nassau Hospital gave a talk on
cancer. the focus was on lung cancer and the devastating statistics
on smoking. Smoking however, according to Dr Andaz, accounts for a
lot more than lung cancer. Primarily all the cancers associated in
the mouth and upper respiratory as well as cancers we often
do not attribute to cancer. Namely pancreatic cancer and bladder

Lung cancer is so often lethal because its detection is usually too
late to stop the progression. The hospital is embarking on an
ambitious study to screen cancer by using low-dose CT scans. The
belief is that while the stats on breast cancer have improved
dramatically, lung cancer sufferers are not  experiencing the same
success rates. Early detection, it is believed, will change lung
cancer to a chronic rather than a deadly affliction.

To enter the screening you must have been a smoker of 20 or more
years and the screening is free. The participants must contact the
South Nassau Hospital and ask Gail Carlin at Community Relations at
516 377-5371