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Dr, Albert Donor, Pres of Dowling

September 17, 2004 @ 12:00 am EDT


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userimage This morning’s speaker was introduced by Dr. Al Donor, Dowling College’s president. Dr Donor proudly introduced the college’s new dean Dr. Debra Fleming.. Dr. Fleming, an engaging “Our Miss Brooks” type, took charge of the room and demonstrated her skills in involving the audience.

The meeting was a little different from the usual format in that their was no clearly defined formal remarks, followed by Q&A. Dr Fleming, skilled public speaker that she is, quickly moved to a running conversation with the audience.

The conversation began on the theme that the “product,” the student, is not matched to the “customer,” the employer. Moreover, the college business model is out of date.

Dr. Fleming showed the LIMBA audience some studies demonstrating some important aspects of the education process by states. New York, not surprisingly, showed a quality that rated an “A.” On the other hand, another important aspect of education, affordability, New York rated an “F.” This is an important factor in getting education to the population that will need to fill the jobs that are to be created.

All the time, while this was being discussed, the audience was part of the presentation. This a skillful way of keeping the audience engaged Dr, Fleming appears to be a promising new addition to the institution and will have oversight of the Paul and Terry Townsend School of Business, that has recently been established. Our best wishes to Dr. Fleming.