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Congressman Tim Bishop- Congressional update

October 22, 2004 @ 12:00 am EDT


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userimageToday I announced that LIMBA will have an occasional joint meeting with Long Island Forum for Technology (LIFT). This will expose more people to the LIMBA program. We will have our first joint meeting in January.


Congressman Bishop was our speaker this morning and he was a font of information. The congressman is a member of the House Transportation Committee, and also the House Education Committee.

Appropriations for the East Side Access, and the 2nd Avenue Subway have been made. These two issues are important to Long Island because they make rail travel for so many Long Islanders more viable. This in turn takes more cars off the road.


Mr. Bishop also informed us that funding for a third track on the Long Island main line was also mentioned in the request for funding. This is important for the movement of more freight on Long Island traveling by rail, instead of choking our roads with truck traffic. The third track will also facilitate reverse commuting. LIMBA has been an advocate of the Third Track for several years.


Congressman Bishop stated that he had sponsored a bill that would allow family farms, and small businesses escape estate taxes. 


There were a number of issues that were mentioned and Tim fielded questions on many of those topics during Q&A.