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Charles Wang- CA founder “The Lighthouse”

December 16, 2005 @ 12:00 am EST


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Our speaker this morning had a packed house. LIMBA board member, and former Suffolk County Executive Robert Gaffney Introduced the speaker.

The topic involved one of the most ambitious plans conceived in recent times. Charles Wang, who we identify as the founder of Computer Associates, is continuing to think big with his concept of the Lighthouse Development. This project has, in the words of famed Chicago architect Daniel Burnham, has “the power stir men’s blood.”

The Lighthouse Development encompasses a myriad of mixed uses, including retail, bistro’s and restaurants, cultural venues, health and fitness facilities, sports arenas, parks, and commons that will be attractive to families and pedestrians. While it is the central structure, known as The Lighthouse, that claims the name to this vision, it is all the other elements that combine to create a proud venue.

The graphics for this endeavor are breathtaking. While watching the animation, which was very professionally done, I could sense myself breathing deeply as I watched the concept unfold on the screen. The graphics lasted about 8 minutes and then Charles spoke to the audience in his very communicative style that he is famous for. After that portion he asked the audience for questions, which they were eager to give him.

Usually the Q&A is the most interesting part of the program, and the axiom proved true again. Mr. Wang has an easy and fluid style. He is succinct, pithy, informative and charming. When asked about the best case scenario for starting, the answer was three years. There was a question about legislative support and sadly, political people are not eager to think as innovators. There were questions about transportation links, parking, and power generation needs. There were no questions about esthetics, which were so well dealt with in the graphics.

After we adjourned Mr. Wang remained to answer many questions on a one on one basis, as well as pose for many pictures.

For the next two weeks we will adjourn for the holiday recess and return on January 6th, when Congressman Tim Bishop will be our speaker. More on that later, meanwhile have a great weekend.

Ernie Fazio