Thanksgiving message 2008

This is a tough year to be optimistic. Nevertheless the positive outlook is the only option. Hand wringing, and fear that seems to be everywhere are not going to advance us. If you think these are these are bad times, I can assure that times have been even worse. Interestingly when America has been challenged we have emerged from the peril we faced, even stronger. There’s an old adage “That which does not kill me, only makes me stronger.” It is true of individuals and nations too. It is true of this nation in particular.


So where are we? We are the beneficiaries of a wonderful legacy of industrial might that has been built by the generations of our parents, grandparents, and great grandparents. The bridges tunnels, roads, forests and parks that were built by them, has created a wealth that has accrued to us. But those assets are worn and in need of replacement. You might wonder why that fact represents good news.


Here is the basis of optimism that I feel. We never make great strides when things are honky dory. It’s just too easy to continue on in a sub-optimal way, when we are not forced to change our ways. Well that time has come. We need to reach deep within ourselves and reapply the ingenuity that has been the hallmark of American industry.

We have no choice. We’re cornered in an alley, and we are forced to fight our way out. Fortunately we still have the muscle and brains to prevail.


There are many pieces of infrastructure that need work. High-speed rail, possibly Maglev, a new robust electrical grid system that spans the country is absolutely essential if we want our alternative generation to be viable. We need $billions for tunnels and infrastructure just on Long Island and New York City. The efficiencies gained and the jobs created during and after construction of these assets are enormous.


As we look across the table at each other this Thanksgiving Day there will be the usual good natured kibitzing and laughs, but know that we will all be very busy, very soon. “All hands on deck” is the call to action in the naval services when there is an emergency. I forsee the call to action for the nation, and I see it coming soon.

That, my friends, is the good news and why we can be thankful.


Happy Thanksgiving