Memorial Day Message 2023

Celebrating the meaning of the day As we stand by the graveside of a fallen soldier we are moved. That soldier may have been a casualty of a war but more likely he is a survivor that died later, as did my father. In either case that soldier served his country when summoned to do so. It is an emotional moment as you read his military occupation and dates of his birth and death. It may be a sobering moment but a very necessary one.

We are so wrapped up in our day-to-day existence that we deprive ourselves of the feeling of gratitude that we feel at that moment. The experience may draw a tear from our eyes, but we are okay. As you put away your handkerchief and enjoy the greenery and peace of the burial grounds you may wish that the walk back to your automobile was even longer so that you may better appreciate the emotion that you feel.

Let me suggest if there is no such connection to a veteran who has died, then go to a military cemetery anyway and focus on one fallen “friend” imagine his life and appreciate the gift that soldier has given you. If that little story does not move you, I would be surprised, but do it anyway. The gift that soldier gave us is our liberty and democracy. Now rejoice and enjoy the holiday with your family. You may choose to do this and tell your family what you have done. On the other hand, you may keep it to yourself and enjoy the satisfaction of that moment without telling another soul.

Happy Celebration of Memorial Day