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Tunnel to Connecticut-Vincent Polemeni

January 7, 2005 @ 12:00 am EST


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At LIMBA we usually take well conceptualized idea (I think that’s a word), and present it to our audience to evaluate, and hopefully, adopt. This mornings meeting was a little different. The proposal to connect The end of Rt. 135 to Rye NY by tunnel was presented by prominent builder, Vincent Polimeni. What was interesting about this meeting was the input from the audience. The presentation was relatively short. However the Q&A period turned out to be an open conversation with the speaker. The audience raised some interesting questions that led to this more "free form" discussion. Questions about tunneling under residential neighborhoods, such as; would it be possible to tunnel without causing vibration damage in dwellings nearby? What effect on the water producing aquifers would the tunneling have? How would you compensate people for the ground rights? ( Just as real estate has "air rights" it also has ground rights). What would be the financial impact on the existing bridges in Queens? And, would the estimated $8 dollar toll be a deterrent to using it?

This is an idea that is in its’ embryonic stage but it’s worth studying. After a study has been made, and these questions are answered, LIMBA could be supportive, because the reduced air pollution and new rail access the tunnel would provide are congruent with LIMBA’s greater vision.

Next week is a holiday weekend with Martin Luther King’s birthday being celebrated on Monday. Therefore there will be no meeting on the 14th. The following week, Jan 21st, Keyspan Chairman, Bob Catell, will speak about the electric and gas business, but he also said there were other important community issues that he may want to discuss. I’ll have more on that when we get closer to the date.

We have a new cooperative arrangement with LIFT they will be notified of our meetings and they in turn will notify their members of LIMBA meetings. LIFT will select one meeting per month to advertise jointly with us. LIFT is a not for profit member of LIMBA. Both organizations will benefit by this close cooperation giving our speakers more exposure and their members will increase networking opportunities. LIMBA has a high regard for the technical services that are provided by LIFT and we are very happy with this arrangement.

Our member gate price remains at $10 going into the new year. We have changed our gate price for non-members to $20 Lift members will pay $15 unless they are also LIMBA members In that case they will pay $10.