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Tom Kohlman, CEO Suffolk County National Bank.

December 3, 2004 @ 12:00 am EST


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The president and CEO of Suffolk Banklcorp, Tom Kohlman was our speaker this morning. Suffolk County National Bank is the entity that is familiar to all of us.

Tom gave us an overview of how community banks differ from money market banks. Essentially these community banks have more control over the funds that they work with and the operate at better profit margins than the larger banks..

Mr. Kohlman was optimistic about the survival of community banks because of the services that they can give, and still be profitable.

He went on to say that consolidation of banks would continue, and given an economic opportunity that Suffolk Bankcorp would consider purchasing other banks "at the right price," even though they have not completed any purchases so far.

Tom Kohlman is a clear spoken man that has no trouble connecting with an audience.
As usual we closed the meeting on time, but many of the audience stayed to ask additional questions on a one to one basis. Tom gratiously obliged.

Next week we will have as our speaker Major Charles Killian from the 106th National Guard Air Wing at Gebreski Airport. He will be telling us the function of the unit. More on that next week.