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Stuart Levine

August 20, 2004 @ 12:00 am EDT


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This morning our speaker, Stuart Levine, made an excellent presentation on fundamentals of successful business dealings. Hearing about the “fundamentals” may sound corny to the jaded, but it is all grounded in principles that most of us do, or did, subscribe to. According Mr. Levine the our primary goal is to “add value.” Bringing to the business environment such values as, integrity, and appreciation for the efforts of others, and investing in relationships. This all sounds too simple to be true, but it is this very simplicity that makes it true. Stuart referenced a passage from a book written by Keyspan Chairman Bob Catell. In his book Catell refers to the union president Ralph Ranghelli as a “partner.” A term, according to Levine, that is entirely appropriate. Each man protecting his own interests have a larger mission to make things work for all of the stakeholders for the long term. During the Q&A session there was a question about rehabilitating a corrupt corporate culture such as existed in Enron’s accountants, Arthur Anderson. Levine answered by saying it could have been, and should have been resurrected under a new CEO and a fresh board of directors. Stuart’s wife Harriet was there too and she commented on how insightful the questions were. I agree, we provide our speakers with a good audience. I thank our knowledgeable, and well versed speaker, and all who participated in the Q&A.