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Strategic Alliances with SUNY institutions-LarryWeber PhD

March 14, 2008 @ 12:00 am EDT


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This morning our speaker was  Lawrence Weber PhD.  Recently Larry assumed a position at SUNY Stony Brook in business development. The topic was "Strategic Alliances with Sony Brook University."

The university created a unit that forms cooperative situations with innovators and established businesses to develop marketable ideas. The premise is that most of the people that have ideas may be missing an important ingredient. Sometimes it is research money, or staffing, or sophisticated equipment needed to carry out the research that is needed to develop a product or procedure.

After discussing the needs and the terms of cooperation the university will enter into a written agreement with the innovator. All the questions of patent ownership, responsibilities of the parties, and other concerns should come up at that point. Usually the university retains a portion of the ownership. The royalties are then re-fed back to the university and used to further new research. Faculty and graduate students work hand in hand with the innovator

There are a number of successful joint ventures that have resulted in millions of dollars coming back to the university, but most of those millions are the result of the success of one drug. In the meantime there are many efforts that came to fruition in terms of a granted patent. However they, for one reason or another never resulted in any earnings. These patents may be useful to someone else if that person can see the value. If that is the case, they can be, by agreement, be released to another person or company. These patents can be viewed by the public on line. If you see a marketable use for any of these patents, the university will gladly enter into an agreement to release them.

This unit is a powerful engine for research and development on Long Island and has been under the leadership of Dr. Yacov Shamash since its inception.