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Steve Levy, Suffolk County Executive

March 19, 2004 @ 12:00 am EST


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Speaker; Steve Levy Suffolk County Executive

The county executive addressed LIMBA today and gave us an overview of his administrations stewardship.
Mr. Levy mentioned many issues that he felt were in the interest of good government. 
Among those issues were the witholding of accumulated sick days that are cashed out by retiring civil servants. These payments amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars over a career and there is no logical reason why they should be paid. His position is that you came to work, you were not sick, you were paid, why should we pay you again? A perfectly logical conclusion, that oddly enough, is being resisted by the county legislature. 

Other topics were, removing superfluous cars, canceling bodyguard protection for the county executive, and reducing department head salaries while at the same time tapping into the best candidates. 
Mr. Levy discussed the protection of open land while at the same time identifying land that can be developed thereby fostering economic growth as well as environmental issues. 
He described his job as a great challenge and balancing act. This is a role that he appears quite comfortable with.
After Steve’s formal remarks there were many questions and he fielded them with the agility that we have come to expect from him. 
Among the questions was “How can he help LIMBA establish new ferry routes from Long Island?” His answer was “to coordinate all relevent departments and expidite permiting.” As usual, we ran out of time before we ran out of questions, so we went 10 minutes over the usual meeting time.