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Speaker Angie Carpenter

July 22, 2011 @ 12:00 am EDT


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Our speaker Friday morning, Angie Carpenter, is a person that is very well known to most of us. Ms. Carpenter presently serves as the Suffolk County Treasurer, but she has also served as a county legislator.


She began as an independent business owner who frequently spoke up when local issues were being discussed. As a result friends told her she should run for office, a notion she dismissed out of hand, at least at first. Events of the day have a way of dictating your next move. When Rick Lazio ran against Tom Downey he was given the smallest of chances of winning, but he did, and that left Rick Lazio’s seat in the Suffolk County Legislature vacant. Angie decided this was her time and won that position.


As a legislator Angie took the job serious and served on many committees. The time commitment caused her to close her business and devote all of her work to the county. She discussed the need for and the dedication of municipal workers. According to Carpenter they are for the most part dedicated and hard working, with the exceptions that you’ll find in any business, private or public.


Because of her serious involvement in many issues that were dealt with by the legislators Carpenter feels she has a good understanding of the needs of the county. She expressed a confidence in her ability to serve as County Executive and then fielded questions.


In the audience was Bob McMillan, Former Chairman of the Panama Canal Commission and candidate for US Senate. He will be making a presentation on immigration in the near future. He is in the closing picture today.


Ernie Fazio