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Senator Balboni “The Need for Homeland Security Planning”

May 21, 2004 @ 12:00 am EDT


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userimageThis morning’s meeting was thought provoking and cautionary. Mr. Balboni cited many concerns he has about the way Homeland Security is being administered. In some cases the threat is not being adequately addressed or not being addressed at all. Containers being shipped into the US are largely unsurveiled. First Responders in New York still do not have an adequate communications system in place. He also pointed out that the allocation of funds have been diverted by political “pork” from going into places like NY, and other large cities to rural and farm states. In addition railroads have no way of enhancing safety. Busses are not monitored either. Nor is likely they can be.

But it wasn’t all bad news, he did report that airline safety is much better. The East River tunnels will be upgraded by contracts that will begin 2006. Some containers are safe because of “port of origin” plans that are in effect now.

Mr. Balboni is an excellent presenter and his remarks evoked many questions making the meeting interesting and quick moving.

In our audience we had at least two of our corporate sponsors represented. That would be Keyspan’s Vincent Frigeria, and Northfork Banks Bob Gaudioso