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Round Table Discussion

January 20, 2006 @ 12:00 am EST


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This morning we had one of our “round table” discussions. The item of repowering is now in the works, and when we find ourselves in a mode where we are seeing changes, it makes sense to look at where else we can make our influence felt.


Last week we had a powerful, thought provoking presentation from HIP’s president Dan McGowan. We floated the idea that we may have an effect on the thinking of our legislators regarding healthcare. After an interesting discussion we decieded that we should make an effort to create change of thinking on this topic.


We discussed the idea of creating a panel on healthcare. The proffessionals on the panel will give us their take and then open up the discussion to the comments and questions of the audience. Roger Ulanoff said that we could make a proffessional quality tape of the session, edit it and put it on our website as a streaming video. We could do one of these programs every three months reaching into other pressing topics.


In addition to Healthcare we may handle Education School Consolidation, Land Use, Waste Handling, and Transportation. We may not address all of these topics but we will refine our goals as we move forward.


The committee that will organize the education segment has been tentatively formed. The participants are Cliff Sondack, Tony Casserta, Irv Hansen, Walter Bernstein, Jim Trudden and Charlie Richardson.


After we have established the success of the first program we will tackle the others. We are excited that LIMBA is making a dramatic foray that will bring attention to these important issues. Our unflagging efforts have paid off in the past. They will in the future as well.