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Round Table Discussion of Issues.

April 7, 2006 @ 12:00 am EDT


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Last week we had one of our periodic “round table” meetings.
The purpose of these meetings is to hear the voices of the participants in order to form new directions.

Here are some of the voices that were heard:

John Howell mentioned that Pete McGowan, regardless of his personal prpblems in politics, should continue to be recognized for the positive steps he made during his tenure. Then reasserted the need for LIMBA to continue transportation solutions that are anwered by more rail freight. In addition the major centers such as the courts should be linked by rail. Extending the Port Jeff line east would better serve Long Island’s north shore as well.

Rudy Fusco restated his belief in the opportunities in air polution and availability that bio-diesel would offer.

There was some discussion on the iequity of the star program and taxes in general.

Bookhaven National Lab -Has apparently been asked to explore solar power more by the federal government. I believe that means money has been allotted to that purpose. Of course this the right direction we should be going, At a conference at BNL last week the topic of improving solar power efficiency came up, or rather I asked the question. It appears that the potential for improving photovoltaic (PV) is enormous. They expect that the new technology would at least double the output.

Mark Alessi was surprised to see no enacted evacuation plan. We need an economic fair share for LI.