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Round Table Discussion

June 19, 2009 @ 12:00 am EDT


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Members and friends,

Our round table discusion revisited some of the goals to see where we are, and then we discussed the Long Island Economy from the various points of veiw from each of the people attending

The goal of repowering the power plants appears to be heading toward the building of new power plants at new sites rather than changing out the old infrastructure at existing sites, with one or two exceptions, but the result will be the same in terms of efficiency and cleaner air.

There has been no progress on our proposed high speed ferry to Connectticut. There is, however another route being explored from Port Jefferson to New Haven by an existing ferry company

The Long Island Rail Road is planning to buy new diesel locomotives for the east end of Long Island. I met with the LIRR staff with Gordon Danby and Jim Powell, the inventors of MagLev and suggested that the new design may make MagLev a credible alternative. The LIRR is studying the idea.

We dicussed the economy and the first hand reports from the people in the room. We noted how the present economy is effecting each of us. Most of the remarks were pesemistic. The not for profits reported that they were feeling a lot of pain.

Health care was discussed and the prospect of universal health-care was lauded by some, and feared by others. But even in this small group good ideas came out.  Among those ideas were medical malpractice suits being capped, and medical malpractice compensation boards. A medical malpractice compensation board would pay awards according to a reasonable assesment of the financial loss to the agreived party, instead of the unpredictable liabilities in the usual law suit, where a deserving party may get nothing or gets an award that is totally unreasonable.

 Ernie Fazio, Chairman