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Ron -Terenzi Proposed Amusement Park, Calverton

February 2, 2007 @ 12:00 am EST


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We had a presentation on a proposed amusement park for the Calverton Airport property that is near Riverhead. Ron Terenzi is the CEO of the developer, Island Amusement Ventures. His vision of the plan was discussed today in some detail. 


Mr. Terenzi began by stating that Long Island does not lend itself to the mega amusement park model. Nor does he want to see something that is too small for a first class roller coaster.   The total area of the proposed park will be 70 acres. That’s not small, but it is no Disney operation either.


Ron pointed out that the economics of this park will work. He used conservative models in terms of attendance, about 500,000. The other attractions in the vicinity include Splish Splash Water Park,and the Atlantis Aquarium. Each have succeeded with having a much narrower operating window and a narrower range of interest. For example Splish Splash only operates in very favorable weather and has a narrow calendar range. Splish Splash operates only in the warmest months, and even in the warm months it is not well attended in cloudy weather, much less rain. Their attendance is in the 600,000 person range. The aquarium has a somewhat wider window of optimum operating time, and they do numbers similar to Splish Splash.


The appeal for this park will be families. With the inclusion of major rides, such as a roller coaster, availability of healthy foods, an amphitheater, and midway games.The window of operation for most of the park that will start in April and go into October. Their will also be a 45,000 sq. ft. indoor facility that will be open year round. The enclosed portion will have an arcade, games, and rides.


When we moved on to the Q&A portion I voiced my concern for the airport runways that are adjacent to the facility. I asked if there was any danger of them being permanently closed. We have a need for those runways, and with the reasonable concern for air access in a national emergency with Homeland Security considerations we must retain them. Terenzi agreed wholeheartedly and in fact stated that he hoped that the park would be a fly-in destination for general aviation.


There were questions about the jobs that will be created. Ron said that the seasonal employment was cost estimated at a rate that would allow them to be competitive in the entry level employment, $8/hr. The technical jobs would be more in keeping with the craft workers rates, electricians, maintenance people etc.


After the formal part of the meeting many people stayed to peruse the displays that Mr. Terenzi and his partners had on tripods, and ask many more questions. You can learn more about this by going to the parks website. www.IslandAmusementVentures..com