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Roger Corbin

June 16, 2006 @ 12:00 am EDT


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“The taxes are so high it’s ridiculous” That was the opening statement from Nassau County legislator Roger Corbin at LIMBA this morning. Mr Corbin admitted that what was needed to change things would be difficult.
Taking a page out of Ronald Reagan’s book when he could not advance his programs because he was faced with a Democratically dominated congress. said “I’m going to the people” Corbin quoted Reagan. And that’s just what Mr. Corbin is about.

The tax disparity in the various tax districts are substantial, leaving the poorer districts with little industrial and commercial taxes to support them suffering. That, according to Corbin, must be corrected.

Roger cited the cost of schools and the many school districts that the schools that make up the system. He has the firm belief that the schools can be consolidated, and save an enormous amount of money without adversely affecting the quality of education. He cited as an example the school system in Montgomery County, Maryland. Since consolidation the schools system is far less costly, and improved in quality. Recently an evaluation of those schools put them among the 5 best systems in the country.

Mr. Corbin brought to our attention the numerous fire districts citing the ludicrous duplication and inefficiencies in the structure of the this ad hoc creation of these departments. Libraries were another example of inefficiency. Comparing Long Islands balkanized libraries to the citywide system of New York City. “In New York City you can borrow a book in Manhattan and return it in Staten Island.” stated Corbin. “It’s one system.”

According to Corbin these are 19th century policies, and must be changed Paraphrasing Reagan Corbin said “knock down these tax walls”

Among the other topics Roger spoke about was energy independence. He suggested that municipalities should step up and use the solar electric opportunities that presently exist. He said NY State, and more specifically Long Island should be manufacturing solar panels.  

The Corbin’s articulation of the numerous opportunities that we are squandering reminded me of LIMBA’s founder, Paul Townsend,  when he was writing his weekly column.