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Recap of the June 17th meeting

July 17, 2005 @ 12:00 am EDT

Members and friends,

This morning our speaker was Mark Green. Mr. Green has had a long experience in the field of consumer advocacy for the city of New York, and now would like to replace Elliot Spitzer as NY State Attorney General.


According to Mark, the job of AG is similar in its purpose to the job he has already doing. By the use of legal suits and prodding, people and companies that have been cheating the public are punished or forced to make amends. I can see the similarities, but it appears that the scope of the AG’s office is broader.


Mr. Green started by pointing to the lack of confidence that has been spawned by the administration in Washington. Then he tried to tie those deficiencies to the relevancy of his candidacy. He may have succeeded. He expressed the attitude that the AG was the “peoples attorney,” and that while he admired the present Attorney General, he probably would be somewhat different in his approach.


During the Q&A Green was asked if there was a place for him interceding on behalf of the investors. He pointed out that Elliot Spitzer did, and was generally successful. He stated that the honest dealings with investors by the financial community would continue to be important to him as AG.


Mark is a good natured, self effacing speaker. His sense of humor helps him communicate as a leader and we were pleased to have at our venue. We will subsequently have Andrew Coumo speak who is also interested in the Attorney General job. And finally we will have the Republican candidate for that job when he or she emerges.


  Ernie Fazio



July 17, 2005
12:00 am EDT