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Randi Busse- Special Program-Retaining customers and clients

September 16, 2011 @ 12:00 am EDT


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LIMBA program speaker Randi Busse


The program at LIMBA was different from our usual format. Instead of having a high profile Long Islander, we have a professional speaker. Randi Busse usually speaks to corporate America clients, and her topic today about building the loyalty of your customer base.


After asking her audience to participate by telling her what we thought customers valued. She created a list and turned it around asked the audience. "Isn’t this what you expect as a customer?"


The thought that the sales person is in fact "in business for himself" was explored. An employee that sells as if he owned the place is desirable trait. That sense of "ownership" is the basis of successfully connecting with the client. That ownership shows itself in the completed service the sales person is willing to commit.


Randi discussed the impersonal approach that many corporations use by employing outsourced customer service. The service employees could be anywhere in the world, and they could be reading from a book. They often speak very good English but do not know the idiosyncrasies of the American dialect.


Busse discussed the economics of retaining customers. It costs about six times more to create a new customer than to properly service an existing account. The experience of the audience seemed to agree that there is great value in selling to established accounts. There are needs that are always changing. If you as the sales person are not there to inform, and guide, you will not be around to complete sale of newly acquired need.


It was interesting to see that the audience appeared to be so receptive. Perhaps we all know how to be thoughtful and see where we can be of better service to our client base, but in our pursuit of new business we neglect one important detail. People want to be treated with respect.