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Peter Mandelstam “Windpower Potential for LI”

June 18, 2004 @ 12:00 am EDT


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This morning’s meeting was as refreshing as an ocean breeze. In fact that was the topic. Off Shore wind generation of electric power is a technology of significant promise.

Peter Mandelstam of Blue Water Wind was expected to speak to the LIMBA audience on the topic. However he had another commitment. Instead we heard from Kathleen Whitley, of AEP Power. Kathleen delivered an excellent presentation that was packed with good information, and was articulately delivered.

According to Whitley, the cost of wind generation is more than fossil fuel generators, but when you consider that fossil fuels have been subsidized and they contribute to health impairments, the cost differential may not exist. In addition, the cost of fossil fuels is likely to increase over the years, while there are no fuel costs associated with wind.

Whitley discussed the visual effects of wind generators. She pointed out that at three miles off shore the visual effects would be minimal.

During the Q&A questions of ocean ecology came up, but the consensus was that marine life benefitted from ocean structures and that they would nurture marine growth. Also answered in the Q& A was the ability to use larger generators on the existing pylons as newer technologies are developed. That question was also answered in the affirmative.

We closed the meeting on time, but many people remained to speak to Kathleen about questions that our schedule did not allow.

Next week we will have a presentation on an intergenerational program delivered by Paul Arfin.