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Nassau DA Kathleen Rice- Sponsors Epoch 5 & NICE Bus

October 3, 2014 @ 12:00 am EDT


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LIMBA conducted a program at Adelphi University this morning featuring Nassau District Attorney Kathleen Rice. Ms Rice has made a compelling case against the toleration of drunk driving, and now wants the same scrutiny of drugged driving. The technology has not kept pace with the problem of drugs and she would like to see the problem addressed.

She then talked about the corrosive effect of financial crimes. The District Attorney stated that these crimes have a serious adverse effect on the lives of so many band should be prosecuted more vigorously.

Kathleen is now running for the US Congress in the same district as Carolyn McCarthy is retiring from and she began to tell of problems and possible remedies on that level. She decried the partisan gridlock and promised that she work toward resolving problems and leaving the partisanship behind.

Here are some of her concerns

We need to foster growth by building and maintaining our infrastructure. She believes infrastructure creates and sustains other jobs long after the construction crews move on. -We need to continue the Import – Export Bank because it is vital to our smaller businesses conducting international trade-We need to make sure that federal funds be paid as promised after disasters such as Hurricane Sandy.

Related to that topic was climate change which she believes would be mitigated by solar and wind generation, and of course, there would be numerous jobs created

This morning’s meeting was attended by about 15 Adelphi students in addition to our usual members. They were invited as an educational experience and they enthusiastically participated in the exchange with the speaker

Our sponsors for this morning’s meeting were Epoch 5 Public Relations, a formidable company that has an impressive array of clients that include King Kullen Grocers, Cablevision, Daniel Gale Sotheby’s, Bethpage Federal and Adelphi University as well as our co-sponsor NICE Bus.

NICE Bus is a public/private partnership that has been providing quality public transportation throughout Nassau County

 Thank you sponsors.

Ernie Fazio

Assisting Bill Miller and me today was Annette Krause and Ken Nevor. A special thanks to Dr. Scott Adelphi’s president for making the venue available