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Michelle Isabelle Stark- Suffolk County Film Commissioner

June 3, 2005 @ 12:00 am EDT


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This morning we had a presentation of “The Film Industry on Long Island..” Michelle Isabelle Stark, from the Suffolk County Office of Film gave us an overview of the film industry and the impact it has had on Long Island.

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According to Stark, filming on Long Island is a big business. Not nearly as big as in NYC, but Suffolk County is the largest revenue creating county in the state, when it comes to film making and production. She pointed out that films going back to the days of Rudolph Valentino have been made here.


The many estates, horse farms, beaches, and other unique settings makes Long Island a natural. The beach scene in the remake of “The Manchurian Candidate” where the drowning took place was filmed in Centerport Harbor. “The Sheik” was filmed in the Hamptons. Parts of “Superman” was filmed in Water Mill. Michelle asked people who think they have houses, antique cars, or other properties that could be rented to the industry to register with the film office.


After her talk Michelle fielded some questions Which tended to be focused on how individuals and businesses could participate, and perhaps make a little money in the process (a good thing as Martha would say).


Next week we will hear from Jim Morgo, who is now the Commissioner of Economic Development for Suffolk County. More on that next week.