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Mfg Back to Suffolk -Anne Shybunko-Moore, President, GSE

October 25, 2013 @ 12:00 am EDT


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Anne Shybunko Moore was our speaker Friday morning.  Shybunko is president of GSE Industries. GSE has a long history on Long Island but had purchased land in Georgia a few years ago and built a manufacturing facility.  It all seemed so attractive but a trained workforce was less available. And retention of those who were hired was difficult. The decision to bring that operation to Long Island was motivated by the confidence the company had in our local labor force. Some of the Georgia personnel did come to Long Island but most of the hires were recruited here on Long Island.

GSE had an option to locate in South Carolina near the new Boeing manufacturing facility. It may have been a good fit because the carbon fiber materials that GSE makes are used in aircraft. Anne opted to make the relocation to Long Island because of the confidence in the region. She said she also like living here.

Suffolk County IDA president, Anthony Manetta was also on the program and gave the audience information on the workings of the agency. According to Manetta poaching of Long Island business is an event that happens every day. Retaining business is more than tax abatement strategies, there are services rendered to business to help them prosper and remain in place. These services are quite straight forward and available to any company that can demonstrate a plan for a successful business. That point was made when someone asked if Anne Shybunko’s company received preferential treat ment because she had a woman owned business.  Help received from the IDA was based on the merits of the company’s application stated Shybunko