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Lisa Tyson, LI Progressive Coalition

April 22, 2005 @ 12:00 am EDT


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userimageThis morning we started a little early to get out a message delivered by our new member Irving Like and his partner Vincent Tenety. The issue Irving brought up was the way that commercial property is being exposed to a quickly escalating tax based on a new formula. There is a small window to establish your challenge that ends May 17th. Failing to do so could have dramatic effect on your taxes. Please download this file for additional help on this matter.


Our scheduled speaker was Lisa Tyson from the Long Island Progressive Coalition. The topic was a Failed Education System. She acknowledged that, while schools on Long Island are generally good to excellent, there are several places that are not providing a quality education.


Lisa cited situations, mostly upstate and in NY City, where basic tools such as books were not available. She referred to a study that said the minimum cost for a good basic education for the students of NY State is $8,000. That did not shock anyone in the room since most of the school districts on Long Island spend considerably more than that.


The study went on to say, in order to meet that threshold there was a need for an additional 5.6 Billion dollars each year. But there is more, the state of the infrastructure is in bad repair. Ms. Tyson told us that there were schools in NY City that h were still burning coal in their ancient furnaces. The cost of bringing these facilities into the modern era is an additional 9 Billion dollars. This 9 billion, however, could be amortized over a number of years.

The state was sued over this lack of funding and lost. Presently the state has asked for a stay of the court order while they appeal. Not a pretty picture, but that’s where it is.


On Friday the 29th we will have NY Times Long Island desk mgr. speak on “getting the Story”

This should be an interesting meeting. Meanwhile, have a nice weekend