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LIMBA Robert Crieghton Candidate for Supervisor, Smithtown

June 21, 2013 @ 12:00 am EDT


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Smithtown Councilman
Robert Creighton
June 21, 2013

 Sponsored by Green World Marketing, (Innovations in Wind Turbine Technology) and Gerry Fitzpatrick


Mr. Creighton has the backing of the Conservative Party and is a candidate for town supervisor, a position that is now held by Pat Vechio.
Bob began by mentioning that there are a number of storefronts in the Smithtown commercial area that are empty. That was not the situation years ago and Creighton attributes this lack-luster business performance in the town to the policies of the present administration.
Creighton made a point to note that there are other towns that have taken aggressive steps to improve the functioning of their towns and villages, most notably, Patchogue. According to the councilman the attitude in his town is all wrong. Instead of embracing ideas, the town creates road blocks. Patchogue’s Mayor Pontieri, he pointed out tells developers to present their ideas and tries to accommodate good projects. That does not mean that every idea is a good idea that will see completion, but it does mean that if there are things that can be done, they will be done. Again referring to Patchogue he mentioned the rescue of the Patchogue Theater and the very desirable housing that has been built.
He spoke about the attitude of the present supervisor. Bob discussed the up-scale Home Depot company "Expo." The store had been closed and board members wanted to accommodate a new use of the building and land. The attitude was "leave it be, they’re still paying taxes." That was not acceptable to Creighton, they were able to over-ride the supervisor and create a new use, which by the way pays even more taxes.
He gave another example of an instance where a closed restaurant was purchased by a successful restaurateur who wanted to make a change in the front of the restaurant. The town told him that all the requirements of a brand new structure would be required. That would include 12 new cesspools, a considerable expense. These requirements are only applicable when it is new construction.
The town has neglected to maintain the physical plant of the buildings it owns and in 2010 was told to close down the libraries because they were so neglected. The libraries were the responsibility of the town and when money got short, libraries were ignored. Now the libraries have separated from the town and have been infused with $15 million dollars and a separate library system with a separate tax was created. This arrangement is common in many areas of Long Island and the arrangement allows the library to raise funds in addition to the library tax.
Mr. Creighton has plans for improving infrastructure. Importatnt road, sewer and building maintenance will draw business to the town and over time save the town money, while increasing the tax base.
Another important initiative is appropriate zoning. Hauppauge Industrial Park, for example, will be rezoned to allow six story buildings. Removing the hurdles to sensible growth seems to be Creighton’ modus-operandi
This morning’s meeting with Town of Smithtown Councilman Robert Creighton was sponsored by Green World Marketing, (Innovations in Wind Turbine Technology) and Gerry Fitzpatrick – Thank You

Ernie Fazio

In the photo: Robert McMillan, former commissioner of the Panama Canal, Robert Creighton, Smithtown Councilman and candidate for Smithtown Supervisor, Gerry Fitzpatrick, President of Green World Marketing and sponsor of LIMBA meeting, and Ernie Fazio, President of LIMBA