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LIMBA presents Jeanne Fontana for a special program – free

March 11, 2011 @ 12:00 am EST

Meet the marketing challenge!


This morning LIMBA presented a free business educational program. Our Speaker was Jeanne Fontana, Fontana President and CEO of Synergy3, a marketing and media firm. Her experience and knowledge puts her in a good position to help her clients select a campaign using various media and approaches


She began this morning by quoting the age-old understanding of effectiveness, 20% of the players do 80% of the business. "You want to make the decisions that make you part of that 20%"


Create an understanding of expectations on your business. 40% of your receipts should be profit. Establish realistic sales goals. Create and value your brand. Realize that you must take business away from your competition. Find what is unique about your product or service and develop a marketing strategy around that feature.


Build a target and stay on that target. Doing so reduces risk. Understand the strength and weaknesses of the various media available for your marketing campaign. A weak media option for one product or service could be a very strong medial for another. In other words tailor your campaign to what works for your sales effort.


Some businesses will benefit from a targeted campaign with exposure in a niche market. Jeanne gave the example of the Jordan construction panel company advertising in the construction oriented Hammer Magazine. Hammer is a better advertising media than a daily paper for that product.


Another media topic Fontana covered was radio. The people who tune in classical would not be the same people who listen to Hip Hop. You may use one or the other depending the demographic you want to reach. In any case Fontana said you want to focus as much as possible to reach your desired audience.


Fontana, at one point, looked around the room and said, "being here in rooms like this one is important to meeting people and increasing your knowledge."



March 11, 2011
12:00 am EST