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LIMBA mtg recap of Round Table Discussion

June 24, 2005 @ 12:00 am EDT


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This morning’s meeting was a “Round Table Discussion” of a few important issues. These sessions where we do not have an outside speaker, are often productive and interesting. This morning was particularly interesting.


A topic brought by Charlie Richardson centered on illiteracy and the enormous cost that it has on business. More important is the human tragedy of lives that are more prone to crime where illiteracy is a problem. According to Richardson, the cost of properly educating children is much cheaper than incarceration. LIMBA does not have literacy improvement as an action item on our agenda. But having an articulate and knowledgeable person such as Richardson in our membership allows LIMBA to weigh in on that issue. LIMBA will lend its name to Richardson’s efforts.


An action plan for establishing a much discussed ferry service from Shoreham to New Haven was laid out. The plan would involve making the ferry system part of the Interstate Highway System. Under the plan the William Floyd Parkway would become Interstate 91 and hook up with Interstate 91 in Connecticut. Fred Hall, General Manager of the Port Jefferson – Bridgeport Ferry was in the room and suggested that a South Fork auto ferry be proposed at the same time. All of this was discussed in the context of these links being necessary to enhance Homeland Security. The premise is that Long Island would be virtually impossible to evacuate, but with adequate ferry systems we would be able to supply the Island with supplies.


John Howell, Kelly Gutradt, Gina Levechio, Jeff Levy, and several others volunteered to do some legwork for making a complete ferry proposal that is scheduled to be done by August 31. Included in the proposal will be graphics.. We may be able to use some work that has been already done, but it will need to be modified. Thanks to all for the participation and interest.


Ernie Fazio


Next week we will observe the 4th of July holiday – There will be no meeting July 1. Next meeting July 9th.