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LIMBA How to Market Online- Fishbat

November 30, 2012 @ 12:00 am EST


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Today’s meeting featured Fishbat. The simple explanation of the web was useful in understanding why being "seen" on the internet is so difficult. Difficult that is, if you do not have a good understanding of how things work.


The web connects everybody to everybody else, but if you are somewhere in the periphery you can’t expect to get noticed very often. What is needed is to create a number of search engine words that will direct people to the places that you exist.


If you can engineer enough search words that will lead to your "property" then the search engine, whether it be Google or some other service will further direct traffic to your website’s location. So called spiders are constantly finding and reporting back where it has found various related elements. These discoveries will constantly reinforce paths to your website information


It is also important to live in a "big neighborhood." If you are on Facebook or Google there millions of subscribers. In those environments a good strategy will get you more attention simply because there are more contacts out there. On the other hand if you do not employ a good strategy you will still be lost in the sauce. In that case you will even more obscure than you would be if there were fewer subscribers. Having said that it is still advantages to connect with all the services big and small.


Using a blog is essential to getting out your message. Producing new information keeps your contacts interested in you.. If you can get someone coming back to you, there is a good chance you will influence that person or company over time.