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Lee Zeldin Republican Senate Challenger to Brian Foley

June 4, 2010 @ 12:00 am EDT


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Lee Zelden was our speaker this morning. He is challenging Brian Foley in the 3rd NY Senate District.

Zelden began by introducing himself emphasizing his roots on Long Island and his military service. He proceeded to discuss the MTA tax that his opponent had voted for. He vowed to overturn that tax as a matter of it being so pervasive and that it is a business killer. He pointed out that being a payroll tax, the MTA tax also affects other government costs as well. The cost is tacked onto every municipal worker’s payroll. Teachers, policemen, librarians, park employees, and every other payroll in private industry are affected by the MTA tax. He made a few suggestions on how the MTA could otherwise raise money including the increase of rail freight.


His comments and disgust with Albany’s disfunctionality was in keeping with what the rest of us already feel.


He went on to discuss the amount of money we, (Long Islanders) get back from Albany. In the past Long Islanders were responsible foe 17% of the state’s revenues and 13% was returned. I guess considering the comparative wealth of Long Island that was acceptable. Now the return is, 5% according to Zelden. "That’s a 62% decrease,” said Zelden. When asked about the overall cost of schools and the tax burden placed on home owners and business, he said he would be for reducing administration cost by creating a countywide school district, while retaining the local identities of school teams


Sewers were another one of his issues. Lee thinks that swears should be built to encourage good growth, and that while the benefit would be local to the place receiving sewers so should the cost.

Ernie Fazio