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Keyspan-National Grid merger/acquisition

June 8, 2007 @ 12:00 am EDT


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Friday we had a most unusual meeting with no scheduled speaker we
used the opportunity to discuss any major issue facing Long Island.
The topic of the Keyspan-National Grid merger/acquisition was
introduced and as luck would have it, Dr Matt Cordaro was in the
room. Cordaro began his career with LILCO, and left LILCO more than
25 years ago. Since then he has headed up several other utility
In recent years he has made his mark in academia, as a dean at LIU.
There was an interesting discussion about whether or not the
Keyspan-Grid transaction would be good for Long Island. We asked for
his comments.
Cordaro gave us his insights on the matter and while he said there
are very little benefits to Long Island, his take was that it was
not particularly scary either. According to Matt there are some
doubts that the deal can be completed due to some conditions imposed
by the state agencies that regulate these matters. Conditions that
make the end result less attractive to National Grid. We’ll see.
Later  an idea was introduced  by Carol Lucca. An idea that would
promote local talent, while at the same time help a charity. Her
premise is that in a population the size of Long Island there is
theatrical and performing talent that is excellent, but because of
great economic opportunity outside of the world of entertainment
"went corporate" as the expression goes. Technically these folks are
amateurs, but many of them practice their skills and play among
friends keeping themselves sharp. Her idea is to give them a format
that allows them to demonstrate their abilities in a major showcase.
The process would allow the really good performers to be selected
for such a showcase. The event is scheduled for Oct 1, 2007 and will
benefit Breast Cancer Help Inc. Anybody who would like to audition
or help the effort can email