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Kevin Trotman

August 1, 2008 @ 12:00 am EDT


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This week our speaker was Kevin Trotman. Kevin represents the New York Islanders.

The focus of this morning’s talk was not so much about the Islanders as it was about the community involvement of the team and the facilities. These facilities are a part of the Lighthouse Development plan


Among the items that Kevin spoke about was the redevelopment of the coliseum, which will be accomplished during the off-season. He spoke about the sports Technology Center, which in conjunction to Hofstra’s newly inaugurated medical school, will develop a body of knowledge encompassing the science of sports performance, as well as injury rehabilitation.


Mr. Trotman gave a very brief overview of the Lighthouse efforts, which will create 20,000 permanent jobs and encompass 150 acres, including all the various components of this very substantial project.


The Islanders have embarked on a comprehensive program called Islanders Community Extension (ICE). ICE engages the community charities by lending support in terms of making faciulities available and by providing food and beverages for various events. There are ICE sponsored day camp programs as an example.


Then there is the Islanders Business Club, which was developed by Execuleaders president Rich Kruse. Rich is presently on staff at the Islanders. The concept is very interesting. It is essentially a networking event open to Islander supporters, which would include season ticket holders and other important members of the Islander family. An enterprise the size of a professional sports team has many needs that include anything from printing to facilities maintenence. In those gatherings the supporters learn how to do business with the Islanders and with each other. It’s a way of binding it’s supporters to the team and advancing the business goals of the same supporters.