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Judy McEvoy “Stony Brook The Economic Engine of Long Island”

August 6, 2004 @ 12:00 am EDT


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 This morning our speaker, Stony Brook’s Economic Development Assoc VP, Judy McEvoy, gave us an enlightening insight on the impact of the university on Long Island. For example, the hospital supplies bills accounts for $300 million in purchases. The vast majority of those dollars are spent on Long Island.
There is a total of $200 million pledged from government to pay for the wireless technology efforts at Stony Brook. This commitment will have a serious impact on the fortunes of the university and Brookhaven National labs which is partnering with Stony Brook.
Stony Brook is also involved with workforce training. The needs of industry for special training are often not readily available without the help of the school.

These and other aspects of the Stony Brook’s impact on the Long Island economy are impressive, and most of us are hardly aware of the importance of this positive impact.

After the close of the meeting LIMBA’s Education Committee met. Today the discussion was to identify the most pressing reform needs and what would be the best approach to address those needs

Finally, we established that the members would build a telephone chain to encourage people to attend. This is important because our speakers have a reasonable expectation of having a substantial audience.