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Jon Gibralter, Pres SUNY Farmingdale

November 5, 2004 @ 12:00 am EST


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This morning we were scheduled to have Farmingdale University’s President Jon Gibralter. He called a few days ago and postponed because of a commitment to be in Albany.

Never at a loss, we changed the format to a “round table discussion.”


 Starting off with a brief rehash of the presidential election, we then discussed the items that LIMBA has on its agenda, and a few things that are not on the agenda. Among the topics, were the need for a LI Sound crossing. We will be having a presentation in January about a tunnel under the Sound. Bridges were also discussed and the inherent perceptional problems that would be faced if a new bridge proposal should emerge. Finally on that topic we discussed the ferries that LIMBA has been advocating for many years. The ferries are a political problem. As long as politicians can make hay on opposing the ferries, the likelihood of it getting done is not great.


Other topics were discussed as well. The dual use rail and highway link designed by Cliff Bragdon, that would releive highway traffic from the heart of the villages traveling from Patchogue to Montauk was described again for the audience. Jim Petry volunteered to get the animation graphics from Bragdon and make them accessible from our website.


I announced that Paul Townsend will commence writing articles from time to time that will appear on the LIMBA website. In my weekly recap there will be a hyperlink that will get you to the current article. From there you will be able to access other articles in the LIMBA website. Frank Imburgio from Desktop Solutions manages our website, so we will be seeking his advice.

NEXT WEEK THERE WILL BE NO MEETING because of the Veteran’s Day holiday weekend.

Thanks to all who attended for sharing your thoughts and insights.